Friday, June 15, 2012

Pesarattu with Shunti chutney

During chats with my friends we were discussing dosa and God I realised that mere talks too can set me craving for the dish and few days ago my cousin who I gather is foodie as she makes yummy dishes and craves for yummy things too.... was watching BBC cookery program then to seeing the sald they made made me crave very much So I gather with good company I am turning to be a foodie he he he So I was craving for dosa that too next morning I dont like store bought batters that I use only as last resort... I had green grams so I decided to make pesarattu... I had made this so many years ago... I do not make some dishes often I make it at times like this to keep the element of speciality... And give my hubby a surprise.... God the twinkle in his eyes as he savours is worth it...

   Here is my version...

For Pesarattu:
Green gram (Hesarukalu ) - 1 cup
Rice                                   - 1.5tbsp
Ginger                               -  0.5 inch piece
Green chilly                       - 3-4 (I used lavangi mirchi)
Oil, ghee mixture to make pesarattu
Salt as per taste

For Shunti Chutney (Ginger Chutney)
Ginger                                - 1 inch piece
Tamarind paste                   - 2tbsp
Jaggery                               - small lime sized
Red Chilly                          - 8-9 (hot version)
Jeera                                   - 1tsp
Dhania                                - 1 tsp
Gram Dal (Kadle bele)       - 1tsp
Udad dal (uddina bele)       - 1tsp
Oil                                       - 1 tsp
Salt as per taste
To temper:
oil- 1tsp
Mustard- cumin                  - 1 tsp
Curry leaves                           few

Wash green gram and rice well...
Soak both together for minimum 6 hrs (I soaked it overnight)..
Next day grind with rest of the ingredients for pesarattu...
Heat tava and pour a ladle full spread and pour 1tsp of ghee oil mixture along the edges... when the edges start to turn brown turnover the pesarattuand cook on other side too...

Ginger Chutney:
Grate ginger in a tsp of oil  roast one by one red chillies, dals,coriander seeds,jeera lightly, cool it and grind it add grated ginger, salt, tamarind paste, jaggery.. You can add water if required.. Taste and adjust the ingredients as per your taste...

Lastly temper with mustard, jeera, curry leaves


  1. Vijaya dear, it is just lovely.
    A couple of days ago my mom made pesarattu and she used dry red chillies instead of the green ones and of course without ginger since dad hates the taste and both of us had arguement over chillies. I need the biggest clarification it a must we use only green chillies ?? Hope you will clear my doubts next time we make it perfect !!

  2. Dear Sudha...
    Normally for pesarattu green chillies are used as it gives good taste there is no hard rule that one must not prepare it with red chilly but it will give different taste...Red chillies are easier on stomache too... Its purely matter of choice dear