Friday, June 15, 2012

Healthy Badami Kashaya

From my college days I was tea drinker but since 6 years tea gives me severe acidity so am trying variety of kashaya...I read somewhere before advent of British our ancestors used to drink variety of kashaya  depending on seasons and this ensured them good health in all sesaons .. I  am in search of such healthy drinks.. In fact anything healthy attracts me... If any of you know please share it here

This is one kashaya I found in one beautiful blog I fell instantly in love with it ... I made it and savoured too my Cousin S to liked it verymuch and for her I am posting this...
    According to Naliniji this kashaya eases body pain,cough cold sore throat too... and it is all season drink...
     For sore throat a teaspoon of this powder with honey 2-3 times a day is said to ease sore throat...

     I have made few changes to the original one as I find pepper too strong so have reduced it ...For those interested in the original make have a look at here Thank You Naliniji..


Black Pepper (menasu)                        :1/4 cup slightly less
Jeera (Jeerige)                                       :1 cup
Almonds (badami)                                : 1 cup
Poppy seeds(gasgase)                           :  3 table spoons.
Fenugreek seeds (menthe kalu)            : 2 Tea spoons
Coriander Seeds (havija)                      : 1/2 cup
Cardamom (yelakki)                            : 6 to 8 pods
Dry Ginger Powder (ona shunti pudi) : 3/4 Table spoon

Method to prepare Kashaya powder:

Dry Roast all the spices except ginger powder , on low flame for 5 minutes...
 Allow it to cool and then grind in mixie to fine powder....
 Add dry ginger powder and run once more so that it blends well..     When it cools down store it in an airtight bottle.I advice you make it in small batches as the spices will lose its flavour...

Method to prepare Kashaya:
Milk                     : 1cups
Kashaya powder : 2 Tea spoons.
Water                  : 1 cup.
sugar/sugarcandy/jaggery as per taste

Boil water and add kashaya powder and sugar (or whichever sweetner you have decided to use) . Let it boil for 3 to 4 minutes .  add milk let it come to boil and switch off stove. Sieve and serve hot...

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