Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kharada Kuchid kadabu

   Kuchid Kadabu is known as kozhakottai in  tamil and as modak in north India ... The sweet variety is more popular as nothing can beat its taste plus the healthy option of steaming instead of deep frying... In north Karnataka too many used to prepare delicacies that dont demand deep frying because after the infamous Dougi bara ( Horrible drought which is said to be lasted for 5 years sending Bijapur district parched with skeletons of animals lying around and people going mad with thirst and hunger I hear from my husband who was a small boy then to feed themselves my late Mil used to make rotis with dried mango kernel powder and whatever that was edible just hearing it sends chill in my spine....) So it is said the people are wary of making lavish food and depend on simple food that wont cost much and wont use lots of resources like fire and water...

I had never tried this version,  I got this recipe from my friend.... I normally  used to make with momo filling ingredients,a medley of vegetables stir fried in a spoon of oil... So I tried this ..

    Riceflour - 1 cup
    Water - 2 cups
     Turmeric - a pinch (this is optional , I dint use but to make the dish attractive to kids one can add)
     oil- few drops

    Moong dal -1/2 cup soaked and steamed
    Fresh/frozen Coconut - 1/4 cup grated
    Green chillies - 2 (Laungi mirchya)
     Ginger 1/2 tsp grated
   hing a pinch
    Coriander leaves - 2 tsp finely chopped
     Oil 1 tsp
     Mustard cumin - 1tsp

     Boil water with salt and oil
     Add rice flour stir well
     switch off stove
   when cool with wet hand knead it
    Heat oil and temper with mustard cumin
    add hing ginger and green chillies
    stir and add steamed moong and salt saute for a minute
    finally add grated coconut and coriander leaves saute for a minute
     Allow it to cool
   Now with wet hand make a lemon sized ball with the dough and make a well fill with the filling
   cover and shape as per your liking I made balls and steam for 10 minutes

serve hot with side dish of your choice and a bit of ghee

1. These are the Side dishes I usually use:
     Coconut chutney
     Any thokku
     Red chutney (Kempu khara)
If you have any other side dish idea please do share

2. My friend say it usually made with udad dal instead of moongdal I dont like the taste of cooked udad dal and also to my weak digestion moong dal suits fine ... Hence I made with moong dal

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  1. reading about the drought scene me too felt the same VJ.

    moongdal recipe sounds different. Urad dal is good for ladies as it strengthen the hip bones. When girls attend puberty they are give special food using urad (black gram)