Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bengali Carrot Beetroot Chop/Cutlet

   Life at Hind Motor was so laid back and quiet ... the days started as early as 4.30am with joyful activity of birds waking up each other and chatting away blissfully without care for anything... it was such awesome thing to listen to them i miss the early morning walks with birds singing merrily in the background ... Just for this lovely moment I used to go for walk twice a day... it comes as wonder for I never like to leave my abode alone... but Bengal was different with school kids returning from tution on their bicycle and workers too used bicycle its here i saw lots of bicycle I never felt wanting to be by myself...
  the Rickshaw ride was scary too we were almost sitting in precarious way any uncouth jerk would have made us see the earth... but thankfull i always held on to the sides for life and would only breath after getting down ... For buying grocery too we had to go some 4km and Bengal being famous for fish food ensured i try food only at home so got chance to try variety food and evening were bit different sometimes hubby would bring delicious Samosas fried in ghee,with rosogulla  it tasted like heaven so some days our dinner consisted of these... One fine day hubby brought some fried thing home the name of which he dint know it was bit different looked like vada but the taste was entirely different it had beetroot in it... when I asked my maid she said its popular vada in Bengal but couldnt get the recipe as I was casually surfing net I came across this wonderful blog  "Hamaree Rasoi" on which I foundthe recipe I could wait till i tried it.. the taste is awesome.. Instead nof shallow frying as in Deepas recipe I baked it in my electric tandoor and I substituted bread crumbs with dried chapathi crumbs... For Deepas recipe please refer here Her blog is a foodies delight....

Here is my recipe

Beetroot - 1 big peeled and grated
Carrot - 1 big peeled and grated (I used Delhi carrot)
Fresh coconut - 1tbsp grated
Fresh ginger 1 tsp grated
Green chillies - 3 finely chopped (I used super hot lavangi mirchya)
Ground nut - 2 tbsp roasted, skinned and halved
Goda masala - 1tsp (usually garam masala is used but I dint have it so used Goda Masala)
salt as per taste
Jeera -1tsp
Oil 1 tbsp

Potato - 2 big boiled peeled and mashed
Brown bread - 6 number
Oregano - 1tsp
Goda masal - 1/2 tsp
salt as per taste

To roll in
Chapathi crumbs - 1/2 cup

To bake 1tbsp oil

1. Heat oil and add jeera when it pops add ginger saute for few seconds
2 add green chillies saute
3  add carrots and beetroots saute on high flame when water content almost comes to drying point add coconut goda masala salt and ground nut stir for few minutes switch off let it cool

4. Dip brown bread in water immediately remove and squeeze out the water
5. Add this too mashed potato mix all ingredients for cover and knead to dough consistency
6. now make lemon sized balls  shape it to cup and inside it fill 1 tsp filling cover it gently shape it to ball and faltten between your palm roll in chapthi crumbs so that it coats evenly over it sprinkle little oil
7. Heat electric tandoor for 2 min then place it on greased aluminium foil and bake for 5 minutes or until the chops turn light brown switch off tandoor ...
8. After another five minutes take out the chops serve hot with tomato sauce...


  1. Yeah bi-cycles have become rare these days. But they are very common in Chennai. Never knew bengalis use 'goda masala' in their cuisine. recipe sounds interesting VJ.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  2. Hi Mira
    Bengalis dont use goda masala they use garam masala... I dint have the garam masala or the required ingredients to make they usually use cloves, cardamom and cinnamon to make the garam masala... so I used goda masala as substitute only...Bengalis to spice the dish especially BanglaDeshis and North Orissa people (this what i know) use panch phoron which turns simple dish to exotic that you will long for that taste (a trick we Indians achieved without the dangerous ajinomoto)along with it Bengali cuisines use mustard oil for the special taste... The oil one gets there is so tasty you cant find anywhere else... thats the speciality of Bengali cuisines