Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mouth Freshner- Mukhwas

This is one tasty and healthy mukhwas that I read in a local magazine .. the interesting ingredients got me hooked and I wanted to try this without fail.... So I hurried home to check on the one ingredient which I dint know about.. So googled and found it ...
   After that had to find local medicinal herbs shop luckily I got the herb but I had inshort stock another one I am yet to get it from him... believe the freshner is so tasty you will get addicted to it...

1. Dil seeds (sabbasige beeja/shepu) - 25gm
2. Carom seeds (omakalu/ Ajwain)- 50gm
3. Fennel seeds (sompu/sounf)-50gm
4. Sesame seeds ( ellu/ til) - 50gm (white unpolished)
5.Cinnamon- 1 inch pc (optional)
6.Cloves 1pc (2.5g)
7. Dhania dal- 50gm
8. Black salt- 5g
9.Lemon juice-1 lemon
10. Grated dry coconut  50 gm
11 Liquorice roots (Jeshta madhu) 50 gm

  1. Mix Lemon juice with black salt
  2. Take 1 to 4 in seperate bowls
  3. add the lemon juice equally to all the four bowls 
  4. mix well let them dry a bit 
  5. roast on low flame the dried spices one by one till nice aroma comes..
  6. roast dhania dal and dry coconut too
  7. leaving fennel seeds(saunf)  put all the ingredients in a mixer jar pulse twice now add saunf pulse twice... It should be coarse powder consistency
  8. Store in glass bottle ...


  1. Absolutely wonderful to try out !!
    Thanks Vijaya.

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Nityaka
      Nice to see you in my blog.. Thanks for coming

  3. Dear Sudha
    Yes dear try it out you will definitely like it..