Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eye exercises to keep eyes healthy..

This is an article that I read in Times of India Wellness which I would like to share here with those who havent read it and who are looking for it and also whoever who visits my blog and finds this article useful... I did the exercise and found very good... Eyes are our windows to this world but often we have this abilty to neglect what is natural to us and I was one till this article really opened my eyes :-D ... Here it goes..

This eye workout the paper printed were prescribed by Dr Tyag Murti Sharma... to strengthen the eye muscles and improve vision....

Our eyes too need exercise just like our body because it too comprise of muscles so lets see how to give them best work out so that in turn it results in good vision for us... I also read eyes are directly connected to brain which transforms to good thinking power...

Exercise 1:
  • Close your eyes and gently massage  the eyelids with your middle finger... Please check here for massage details
  • Now open your eyes and fix on two different points one at some distance away and other  up close (like tip of your nose)
  • Close your eyes for 2 seconds and open them, focus on the faraway point for 10 seconds and then shift to the closer one for 10 seconds… Repeat the cycle 10 to 15 minutes
Exercise 2:
  • Sit comfortably with your elbows resting on your knees
  • Cup your closed eyes with your palm and rest the lower end of your palm on your cheekbones. Ensure that you are able to blink freely and your palm is not putting  too much pressure on your eyes..  Once you open your eyes objects will appear sharper. Shapes and lines will be more defined.
Exercise 3:
  • Close your eyes for 10 seconds. Open them and look up. Then rotate the eyeballs clockwise 5 times
  • and then close the eyes again for 10 seconds now look down rotate them anti-clockwise five times
Exercise 4:
  •  Those who spend long hours at the computer screen tend to blink less… Blinking is the simplest way to keep your eyes fresh… It helps you to focus longer.. So, blink often,  try blinking every seconds  2 to 3 minutes and then continue working for an hour and repeat …
Exercise 5:
  •       The “power of eight” exercise increases the flexibility of eye muscles . Now imagine a larger than life figure of eight in front of you . Trace the figure of 8 with your eyes slowly. Do it one way for few minutes and then do it the other way for few minutes.
Exercise 6:
  •       Lie on the floor and have someone swing a pendulum over your head. Focus on the pendulum and follow it while it is moving.
Exercise 7:
  •     To work out your ciliary muscles, put your finger in front of both of your eyes and slowly move your finger away from the eyes and again bring it closer to the eyes. Keep focusing on the tip of the finger.
After exercises keep your eyes closed for at least 2 minutes to relax the eye muscles…

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  1. Vijaya thanks so much. It is indeed an eye opener especially for people like me who do crafts and we need to keep our eyes safe and healthy and doing these exercises would be definitely helpful. I am going to sure follow it.

  2. Dear Sudha...
    Thank You dear I need to follow on fast basis as my eyes are getting affected the day I decided I saw this in Newspaper wanted to share so I did am very happy that this post is of help to you...