Thursday, July 5, 2012

A colorful butterfly: The Best Encourager :)

A colorful butterfly: The Best Encourager :)

I am Happy To recieve this Award from my buddy Riya Kathir os "Colourful Butterfly" blog...


Now is my time to share it with my fellow bloggers who have encouraged me to keep blogging

Mira of My Hobby Lounge
 and Sudha of  Sudha Out of Box

Thank You dears for cheering new blogger like me...


  1. dear Bunny!!!

    This i dea i got it for you... I really appreciate your encouraging words.. All the best for your blogging..

  2. Congratulations bunny! rite award for the rite person:)

  3. Dear Vidya
    Thank You very much......

  4. Congrats VJ. Thank you for passing it on to me :) It means a lot to me buddy. A big bear hug to you.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  5. thanks so much dear.
    i will add this to my award list.....

  6. Vijaya dear, thanks so much.
    I collected this precious award from you and passed it on also but do not know how to link back to you.
    I have written a post yesterday in the title ''2 more awards'' wherein I mentioned that this award was presented to me by you.