Sunday, June 24, 2012

Singing and Dancing Bird at Karla

        I was at this place in Karla for some work and  My DH had gone on some errand so I was waiting for him... I always carry a book with me when I go out with my hubby for he sometimes leaves me in car and while he goes about his errand which is supposed to take few minutes but make take as long as half an hour .. to keep myself preoccupied I take abook to read so on this day too I had carried my book I chhhose anice cosy corner shade with bench and sat down ensconsed deeply in the book with various birds giving me company with their chirps...  So I fell into the rhythm and got absorbed in reading book.. Suddenly there was some odd sound like the one where the pulley makes while drawing water from well but I dint take much notice and soon the sound grew more and with it I saw amovement from the corner of my eye and suddenly made me come out of my book world to reality what do I see a lovely bird dancing and singing and going about its work .. It mesmerised me so much that I wanted to show it to my hubby and  by the way it was moving I thought he may not be able to see so I fished out my mobile and began to takee pictures frantically alas it wasnt depicting what I saw so I remembered my cousins tip to capture video at such times... I did and here is the video ...Video is not clear as it is 3gp file.... till I get it converted to good mpeg I am posting this... I dont know which bird is this If you do know please share...



  1. VJ, Its the same bird which is filling our place with its sweet tunes. Even I din't know the name but it is very restless. Never sits in a place more than 1 second. keeps hopping, flying into the small thick trees. I tried to capture photo of it but never succeeded. so nice to see it here. Next time I will also try to capture it in video instead of photo. Lot of them are there here.

  2. Hi Mira...
    Yes it must be the same as it is so restless and keeps moving from here to there if its legs were painted am sure it will make fine kolams on floor where it moves.... And lovely too... when you capture it pls post the video.....

  3. Absolutely lovely and I could hear the singing and saw the dancing too !!
    What a tiny bird.....
    Thanks Vijaya for sharing it with us.

    1. Dear Sudha..
      After capturing video the very thought of sharing with my friends was there so first thing I did was share this video...
      Thanks dear..