Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spiral Pasta My way....

Spiral Pasta my way.....(Indian)

     I have never eaten pasta outside I mean in restaurant but my Dh who was in US had tasted it.... So he had bought macroni and asked me to cook I was confused I had no idea how to cook it so I just followed the instructions on the packet but the result was not yummy so I threw up my hands and decided I cant cook this one as i had never tasted it to know how it tastes but my DH isnt the one to leave it at that he has immense confidence in me to learn on my own and spring a surprise the second time too was a disasater...then I bought maggie pasta thought it will be easier like the noodle one but Lord it wasnt again a disaster... 
        Since some 3 months I have made few friends on net and one fine day was chatting with them one (Vidchakra) of them said a way to cook I did and it did turn out to be palatable another friend Riya said its easy and for it one needs to have sauce like south Indian tomato chutney I just noted down I dint bother to try then again fortnight back my   DH bought spiral pasta I was like....When he makes up his mind I cant do anything...I was in good mood having had good sleep and sensing it he sweetly said "I feel like eating pasta dear"..Sugary sweetness inspired me I thought why not I whipped out the packet and read the instructions but it had the ingredients which I was not at home like olive oil fresh cream basil ..Not to be out done so easily  I thought of getting web help did a quick search and found this good tip : Not to drain the water from the pasta after cooking in water but to fish it out and put in the ready sauce pan..I had idea since I dint have cream why not boil the pasta in a mixture of water and milk......and whipped out the pasta I was confident it will taste great and am very happy to announce that it indeed was great and lipsmacking one ...

here is the recipe

water : slightly more than 1/2 ltr
milk about 1 cup....

a drop of ghee add and set it to boil ....
once it boils add pasta let it cook till soft may take 10 to 15 minutes

Meanwhile dice in lengthwise
1 medium sized onion
2 medium sized tomato ( use farm tomatos only)
1 cup carrot diced to 1 inch long
1 cup cabbage diced

Heat  1 1/2 tbsp oil add rai- jeera
Add 1/2inch ginger  and 4 garlic flakes diced nicelythen add  onion saute for a min add carrot saute again for a minute add cabbage ...later add tomato and salt as per taste  and 1/2tsp sugar cook on medium flame stirring occasional so that it doesnt get burnt one tomatoes begin to soften add
everest kuti lal chilli pwd 1 tsp
pinch of haldi
 and mix well
add about1 tbsp fresh cream (I had taken the cream from previous days milk...God here you get thicker cream and it was sufficient)mix well

fish out the boiling pasta add to sauce and mix well it you think its dry add some  the milk+water in which pasta was boiledand mix well lastly I added abt 1/2tsp Ghoda masala
Garnished with coriander leaves serve hot.....LalAla yummy pasta ready...

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